EarthView offers a variety of classes suitable for all levels of experience.


A medium to high intensity vinyasa celebration of life on earth. Discover the perfect balance of strength and ease and celebrate your freedom to feel spacious and alive.


A low intensity offering. By quiet, we don’t mean silent. It’s simply a slower, quieter space for healing and self-care.


A low to medium intensity slow flow class. Invite grounding and balance into your body, mind and life. Learn how to incorporate all aspects of yoga both on and off the mat.


Long held postures offering an opportunity to go deeper into the experience of your present state of mind and body. Yin yoga is a meditative, slow yet challenging practice that works the deep, connective tissues of the body while relaxing the muscles.


A warm welcome to those new to yoga and a place for others to fine tune their practice. Basics and Beyond will offer tips and cues regarding safe alignment, appropriate effort and breath awareness to optimize your practice.


Medium intensity flowing movement class.  Creative, expansive movement to help free your body and mind.


Wake up with intention, presence, breath and body.  Enjoy awakening movement and music in this medium intensity flow class.


Enter a space for restoration of your being.  This low intensity class will offer long held, prop-supported restorative poses to calm, renew and restore your body, mind and spirit.  Give your body and nervous system some time to rest, heal and replenish.


Let pure energy flow through your body, mind and breath with this high intensity offering. No need for perfection. When your intention is pure, your practice is perfect.


  • Noontime Flow

Take a break from your work week for your own health and well-being.  This class is designed to open your body and clear your mind so you can return to work (or home) with more calm, clarity and focus.