Keith is consistently turned on by the stillness within movement, the silence hidden in sound, and the esoteric in the everyday. As Co-Director of Laughing Lotus Yoga Center San Francisco, he continues to learn through the transformative process and dialogue of teaching. In addition to sharing asana classes, Keith continues to study, lead kirtan, and teach in the Laughing Lotus College of Yoga at Laughing Lotus in New York City and San Francisco. He also teaches private yoga, harmonium and voice lessons, and workshops.

The classes Keith offers are energetic and balanced, and are infused with playfulness and creativity. Singing is still his passion, and he always chants with his classes, occasionally playing and singing during savasana.

Keith strives to live, breathe, and offer the devotion-rich yoga that comes out of his daily home practice. Keith's goal is to help students develop a content mind, a strong body, and a healthy, joyous spirit - to re-unite with and REJOICE in their true Self.