Party of Five

Come with four friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors. You can even recruit someone in line at the grocery store! Come in a group of five and you pay $50 total. That’s only $10 each!


How often can I take advantage of this deal?

As often as you like!

What if some of our group are already members of EVY?

No problem, the rest of you still get the group rate of $10 and those people won’t pay anything beyond their membership rate.

What if some of us have a 5, 10 or 20 class pass?

Again, no problem. They won’t need to use up any of their class pass when they come with a Party of Five. They can save those class punches for another day.

What if more than five of us show up?

All of you get in for $10/class whether you come in a party of five, six, seven…Six for $60, seven for $70, eight for $80, etc…

How long will this deal last?

Forever as far as we’re concerned. We see this as a part of our vision. As a part of the core of EarthView. We want to build an environment of connection and coming together. We want our classes to have a feeling of support not only from the EarthView staff and teachers but from all the people on their mats. It’s a way to celebrate how we are all connected.