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9:00-10:00am -Basics and Beyond - Marina Koyen

12:00-1:00pm -Noontime Flow - Leanne Amiot

5:45-6:45pm -EarthView FlowLeanne Amiot

7:00-8:00pm -Quiet Yoga - James Huschka

8:15-9:30pm -Pure Energy Flow - Kelsey Wrobel


9:00-10:00am -Down to Earth YogaKassy Coleman

5:45-6:45pm -EarthView FlowTiffany Wirth

7:00-8:00pm -Vitality Flow - Marina Koyen

8:15-9:15 -Evening Yin - Marina Koyen


6:00-7:00am -Early Morning Yoga - Al Noche

9:00-10:00am -Down to Earth Yoga - Jen Pulvermacher

4:30-5:30pm -Vitality Flow -Marina Koyen

5:45-6:45pm -EarthView Flow -Wesley Kavelaris

7:00-8:00pm -Quiet Yoga -James Huschka

8:15-9:15pm -Evening Yin -Marina Koyen


9:00-10:00 -Down to Earth Yoga - Kassy Coleman

12:00-1:00pm -Noontime Flow - Leanne Amiot

5:45pm-6:45pm -EarthView Flow - Tiffany Wirth

7:00-8:00pm -Quiet YogaKassy Coleman

8:15-9:15pm -Restorative - Kassy Coleman


6:00-7:00am -Early Morning Yoga - Al Noche

9:00-10:00am -EarthView Flow -Chris Livanos

12:00-1:00pm -Restorative - Kassy Coleman

5:45-6:45pm -Pure Energy Flow - Leanne Amiot


9:00-10:00am -Pure Energy FlowKelsey Wrobel

10:15-11:15am -EarthView Flow - Nick Wirth

11:30-12:30pm -Basics & BeyondKelsey Wrobel

4:30 - 5:30pm -Vitality FlowMarina Koyen


9:00-10:15am -Vitality Flow -Marina Koyen

10:30-11:45am -Down to Earth Yoga - Leanne Amiot

4:30 -5:30pm -Quiet Yoga -James Huschka