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Welcome to EarthView Yoga

An oasis for self-care and healing in the heart of Madison. As soon as you enter our warm, spacious yoga studio you’ll begin to feel more grounded, centered and relaxed. EarthView provides a beautiful environment to cultivate the strength, balance, flexibility and mental clarity achieved through a committed yoga practice.

Yoga classes for all levels

We offer a broad range of classes for all levels — from beginner to experienced yogi — taught by some of the finest teachers in the Midwest. Through a technique called creative sequencing, our teachers can help you improve your strength and flexibility, no matter what your fitness level. This results in significant stress relief and a heightened level of freedom from fatigue — and who doesn’t need that?

What to expect at EarthView

EarthView combines all the elements of a great yoga studio into one package.

  • Incredible teachers who are dedicated to your fitness, health and wellbeing
  • Personalized attention that helps you advance as a student
  • A beautiful, spacious yoga studio with an eco-friendly bamboo floor, and floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Professional-grade sound and lighting system that adds to the overall experience
  • Clean, spacious and comfortable bathrooms — with showers! Friendly, helpful desk staff, and a welcoming lobby that’s designed to help you relax
  • Complimentary tea for connection before and after class (we love our tea!)
  • Complimentary mats (if you need one) and a mountain of props to support your practice

Ready to give EarthView a try?

Visit our Class Packages and Memberships page to sign up for a single drop-in class, one-month of unlimited yoga classes (for new students) — and many more options here at our studio.

Thank you for visiting EarthView Yoga. We hope to see you soon!