EarthView Yoga Studio Madison WI Yoga Classes

About EarthView Yoga

The EarthView yoga studio exists to provide a refuge where our community can gather and take time for self-care on a level that cares not only for the physical body, but the mental, emotional and spiritual layers of the self as well. We believe in the power of yoga to guide us all to a deeper level of health, vitality and love in our bodies, minds and spirits.

Energy Flow Yoga Studio Madison WILocated at the center of health and wellness in downtown Madison, WI, our yoga studio provides the highest-level of instruction in a state-of-the-art environment.

All of our yoga classes are in one spacious room with an incredible view of urban Madison outside our large windows. Great sound, rich ambient lighting and beautiful décor elevate the experience. There is plenty of room for everyone on our expansive, eco-friendly bamboo floor — and we provide showers and changing rooms for your convenience.

Did we mention there’s always warm tea in our lobby?

Why yoga classes? Why EarthView studio?
Yoga is a word that’s used broadly to describe ancient traditions and practices that originated in India thousands of years ago. At EarthView, we teach and practice a modern form of vinyasa (flow) yoga designed to be physically and mentally challenging. We also offer slower meditative yoga classes designed to restore the body and mind. Through consistent, committed and varied practice, the student discovers strength of body, calmness and clarity of mind — and a deep connection within.

EarthView Yoga Studio Madison WI Nick and Leanne

Leanne and Nick, co-founders of EarthView Yoga

Yoga for all levels
Whether you’re an experienced yogi or complete beginner, EarthView’s teachers and staff will welcome you as you are. We feature many of the best, most experienced teachers in the area —teachers who live their yoga with passion, music, mindfulness, creativity and love.

Just-right temperatures
These are not hot yoga, nor cold yoga classes. At EarthView, the temperature is always warm and comfortable (even during our Wisconsin winters). Most of our yoga classes are conducted between 78-82 degrees, providing the ideal conditions for your own warmth, vitality and spirit to shine through.

So, if you’re ready to cultivate the strength, balance, flexibility and mental clarity that’s gained through a committed yoga practice, please join us! Simply go to our Class Packages and Memberships page, and choose from one of our many group yoga classes.