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Yoga Class Descriptions

Down to Earth Yoga Class Madison WI

Down to Earth Yoga

A slow flow yoga class suitable for beginners and advanced alike.  Invite grounding and balance into your body, mind and life with Down to Earth Yoga. Learn how to incorporate all aspects of yoga both on and off the mat. This includes a detailed look at how the body’s anatomy affects your practice. Discover subtle aspects of your practice such as mudras (hand positioning to channel your energy) while remaining grounded in your body.

Energy Flow Yoga Studio Madison WI

EarthView Flow

A medium to high intensity vinyasa celebration of life on earth. A yoga class that lets you sink into the balancing of your breathwork with your body. You’ll get a good workout and learn deeper aspects of yoga. You might learn about how the elements relate to your practice, the history of how a pose got its name or learn about the ethical guidelines of yoga (Yamas and Niyamas.) This class is more than just exercise — it’s a beautiful path for you to use in your life. Discover the perfect balance of strength and ease and celebrate your freedom to feel spacious and alive by making EarthView Flow Yoga a regular part of your practice.

Madison WI Yoga Studio & Stress Relief

Restorative Yoga

Enter a space for restoration of your being. Suitable for beginners through advanced, this class offers long-held, prop-supported restorative poses. Give your body and nervous system some time to rest, heal and replenish. Sometimes the most powerful way to serve yourself and the world around you is to take a break into deep rest. Come to this Restorative Yoga class and then re-emerge ready for anything the world sends your way.

Energy Flow Yoga Class Downtown Madison WI

Pure Energy Flow

A high intensity offering. Develop core and stamina with this strong practice. Feel the pure energy of yoga flow through your body, mind and breath. Be prepared to sweat a bit more, build endurance and strength and perhaps go a little longer or deeper with your physical practice than you thought you could! No need for perfection with Pure Energy Flow Yoga. When your intention is pure, your practice is perfect.

Stress Relief & Quiet Yoga Class Madison WI

Slow Flow

A low intensity offering suitable for  beginner through advanced.  It’s simply a slower, quieter space for healing and self-care. Take time out of your day to become present with your quiet side. This Slow Flow class offers the philosophy of yoga along with anatomy cues.

Fitness & Flow Yoga Classes Madison WI

Vitality Flow

Medium intensity flowing movement class. Create expansive movement to help free your body and mind. Vitality Flow incorporates pranayama (breathing exercises) to enhance the body’s journey toward a peak pose. Often this class will take a creative circular sequence and build on it until you find yourself in a shape you may have never tried before. It’s a safe and well-paced flow where you can explore your breath, mind and body.

Energy Flow & Quiet Yoga Class Madison

Early Morning Yoga

Wake up with intention, presence, breath and body. Enjoy awakening movement and music in this medium intensity yoga flow class. You will progress from a warm-up through sun salutations into satisfying standing postures that will awaken your body with twists, balance poses and the warrior series. From there, you return to the mat for seated postures and backbends. Early Morning Yoga is a well-balanced practice that will leave you ready to take on your day.

Flow Yin & Bhakti Yoga Classes Madison WI

Yin Yoga

Yin is a still and cool practice that’s meditative and slow. Long-held postures offer an opportunity to go deeper into the experience of your present state of mind and body. This practice relaxes your muscles and invigorates the connective tissue of your body. The intensity level of Yin is always your choice. The deeper you drop in, the more intense it will be. It’s a whole new way to interact with your body and mind.