Bhakti Yoga Classes & Yoga Studio Madison WI

All About EarthView Yoga — FAQ

Our inspiration behind opening EarthView was to create a beautiful yoga studio filled with great sound, rich lighting and beautiful objects to enhance your yoga class experience. We selected an eco-friendly bamboo floor and special acoustical ceiling tiles. Then we added colored lighting options, dimmers, room darkening blinds, lush plants, beautiful artwork and even a disco ball!

These details are intended to give the teacher many options to create the perfect environment for their students. Many use the colored lights to create an atmosphere to match their theme for the day. These physical enhancements combine to elevate the yogi’s experience so that all their senses can help support their practice.

We opened for business on April 23rd of 2016.
EarthView is neither a hot nor cold yoga studio — but always warm and comfortable. We hold our yoga classes in a spacious room with an incredible urban view of east Madison outside our large windows. We feature many of the best, most experienced teachers in town. We’ve hired teachers that inspire us. Teachers that have a yogic lifestyle filled with passion, music, mindfulness, creativity and love.
Bhakti yoga is the yoga of love and devotion. Yoga is a practice of toning, fitness, strengthening and purifying our bodies as well as calming our minds. But we are also reminded that all of us have a special purpose and intention that comes out of our efforts. Our practice is strengthened by offering it up to those around us who mean so much. Yoga can be an intense practice, but we always practice with an attitude of doing less harm. By cultivating an approach of loving kindness in our practice, we begin to see the effects throughout our lives, in all our interactions. We believe that adding these elements to our yoga classes is what creates a better world.
EarthView Yoga studio exists to provide a refuge where our community can gather and take time for self-care on a level that cares not only for the physical body, but the mental, emotional and spiritual layers of the self as well. As we nurture these elements in ourselves, we tend to cultivate compassion for others and we find a more authentic way to love the world around us. Yoga classes help people transform into a freer version of themselves which ripples out into the world, moment by moment, smile by smile, from one authentic and compassionate exchange to the next.